Nature and tradition meet, rural fortified residence of the late sixteenth century. Extended over an area of 50,500 square meters. (fully irrigated) and 15,505 square meters. fortification with change of intended use for business as a hotel and restaurant, all equipped, on the whole there are about 2460 square meters. blankets.
There are various farm buildings A (about 640 sqm); farm B, on multiple levels (total 825 sq.m.), new housing 188 sqm, and vain technical and deposits per sq. 727.

Were obtained in farm A, from apartments 2-3-4-5 beds, furnished and independent (including one for disabled) with all facilities including a kitchenette - living room and terrace.
In farm B at the ground floor: 2 indoor restaurants for a total of 85 seats, reading room with antique fireplace, fitness center with sauna, laundry, chapel, offices and reception.
The first floor is currently used as apartment owners.
For new homes were constructed just N, G and F.
H, M and O have the building permit, which involves the construction of 3 apartments and Dancing / restaurant with its kitchen.

Currently the building is used as a 'Residence tourist hotel three stars'
The activity is fully launched both for what concerns the hotel and its restaurant.
Available locally: 1 gazebo outdoor restaurant for 150 seats with an adjoining pizzeria with wood oven, swimming pool, tennis courts, a small ballroom facilities, garden, lawn, playground, games room, mini-golf 18-hole regulation, parking, bowling alley, solar panels, etc.. ETC.
The agricultural aspect which can also be withdrawn, consists of 3000 cherry trees, 500 fruit trees, vines and 200 olive trees in 1200 on an artesian well, for a total of 38,210 sq.m.

The structure is also suitable as Farm, nursing home, convent, boarding, private clubs, home health, group home, community, luxury spa, wellness center, etc.. .

Projects ready for a banquet hall and a multipurpose room and further 8 apartments
There is the possibility to request building permits for additional 4200 m2.

The residence has not used any facility or public funding. In the surrounding area the only three star hotel, the only farm structure and the only public swimming pool.
Located in a strategic place in the province of Bari

Consistency and General Staff

appartamentini A
totale             mq 320,06* (A)
muri               mq 320,00^ (A1)
                       mq 640,06

casa principale (piano terra B)
totale            mq 425,27* (B)                        casa padronale 1 piano            mq 131,59
muri             mq 121,73^ (B1)              depositi(26,63+11,15+34,18)         mq    71,96
                     mq  547,00                                       sala fitness-sauna           mq    70,90
                                                                                                  totale              mq 274,45*(D)

gazebo        mq 200,00^                                               nuovi alloggi
gazebo        mq   23,00^                                                app. 14  mq   25,00
gabbie         mq 100,00^                                                app. 15  mq   25,00
stalle            mq 266,13^                                                app. 16  mq   25,00
vani tecnici  mq    74,89*                                                app. 17 mq    25,00
vani tecnici  mq    12,00*                                                totale     mq 100,00 (E)              
vani tecnici  mq    18,75*
app.custode         86,00*
docce/spogliatoi  43,12*

totale          mq 310,76* (C)
totale         mq 589,13^ (C1)
                   mq 699,89

Totale *          (A+B+C+D+E)   mq.  1.430,00                     
Totale ^          (A1+B1+C1)      mq.  1.030,00     
Totale mq. 2.460,00      (parte coperta)                                         =  mq.   2.460,00                                                                                                                                  
Totale superficie attrezzata 15.500-(A+A1)-(B+B1)-(C+C1)-(E) =  mq. 13.713,00
(con cambio di destinazione d’uso ad albergo ristorante)            
- la parte agricola di  
5.227+2.006+3.996+1.213+13.363+6.891+4.886+628             = mq. 383210,00
  (3000 alberi di ciliegi-500 di frutta- 1200 vitigni- 200 olivi)
- 2 trattori, macinapietre, atomizzatore, 2 motozappe e varie attrezzature agricole.
-pozzo artesiano al 50%
Totale stanze n. 60 - bagni/docce n. 36 - Stalle per un totale mq. circa 366

In fase di realizzazione con relative concessioni edilizie, mq. 631 - Possibilità di realizzare ulteriori mq. 4200